Migration is important for survival. Mobile computing merges both physical and logical computing entities that move, an emerging revolution, that is expected to be long lasting, complementary in personal usage and none like any other in all features of convenience.

Mobile Computing is an idea to globalize as well as channelize the Cloud.

“Mobility is no longer just considered permeate, It is a new fashion of doing business.”
Few technologies have transformed human behaviour as quickly as mobile. It is now the first point of contact between individuals and organizations, with 91% of users keeping their mobile device within arms reach 100% of the time.

Why Mobile Strategy?
“Mobile is reaching everyone; let every business reach mobile”
Organizations need to fulfil their long-term requirements, expectations and user requirements that are continuously going far from limited technology or implementation. A mobile strategy is essential to the creation of an experience that reflects the priorities, values, and vision of your organization. Organizations, which are looking to fully embrace mobility to better compete in 2014, are increasingly focused on developing mobile strategies to help engage, inform, and devise new opportunities with customers, partners, and employees.
“Organizations are now investing on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Strategies by knowing the prominence of Mobile Computing.”

“Mobile, a walking technology via Internet, that has no limits.”

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